ALBIT ECHOSON was designed as a simple and effective ultrasound scanner for general imaging as well as specific applications, including monitoring of Endovascular treatments (sclerotherapy, EVLT, EVRF etc.), vascular diagnosis (deep vein thrombosis),  Regional Anesthesia, Vascular Access (central and peripheral vascular Implantation),  Musculoskeletal, TRUS or Colorectal. 
Albit interface based on touch-screen technology makes it friendly and very easy to use. Duplex Doppler (Color and Power Doppler Flow Maps) extends ultrasound diagnostics more efficiently and accurately, with maximum performance to price ratio. Unique and smart remote controller superbly improving working performance.


LIFE PHOTON. Our Cath Lab is having advanced high-definition digital image acquisition, processing and review system encompassing multiple applications in one system. Dedicated to improving the quality of life by providing state-of-the-art cardiology services, on Allengers Life Series, one can perform Heart Catherizations and peripheral vascular imaging.


  • Ceiling mounted arrangement of Monitors.
  • AFD display for LAO/RAO, CRA/CAU positioning.
  • Axis (longitudinal/ transverse/ up & down travels) floating top table with carbon fiber top.
  • High contrast medical grade monitors (optional).




Spirometry plays an integral role in diagnosing and monitoring pulmonary diseases as well as in workplace respiratory health monitoring programs. For lung function testing and monitoring, desktop spirometers, like MIR's SpiroLab and Cosmed's Pony FX, with keyboards and built-in printers have been the mainstay. But growing demands for mobile solutions have spawned mobility-enchanced, standalone spirometers like the Spirobank series.

MIR's Spirodoc and Cosmed's Spiropalm integrate 6MWT (six minute walk test) for additional benchmarks and cardiopulmonary exercise testing functions.

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THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE NOW. Delta Medical Technologies is followings the tracks of scientifics, Biomedical Ingeneers developers and researchers of new 100% non invasive medical technologies.   The products  we list  below are part of the  coming soon  equipments  that will bring the science fiction to  the present time.



The RJ laser therapy system is based on more than 30 years of experience in development and production of medical laser devices (LLLT, low level laser or cold laser). RJ laser devices are made for conventional and complementary, holistic treatment (modern ear acupuncture/auricular medicine and body acupuncture). RJ offers medical laser for your diagnosis and biostimulation and biomodulation, for the widest range of applications, for points (with single probe or laser needle, LightNeedle) and for large surfaces (multi-cluster probe, scanner).

Energy of class 4 but still class 3B: Take advantage of the RJ-LASER technology. Because of the special design of the multi-cluster probes we offer high energy supply with up to cw 3000 mW and pulsed 90 W or 150 W. The Mid Level Laser Therapy (MLLT) is non-invasive and gentle cell stimulation for best ATP generation.


Percutaneous Discectomy

Automated Percutaneous Cervical and Lumbar Kits

The Nucleotome percutaneous discectomy kits are indicated for patients with contained herniated discs following failed conservative treatment.

Numerous studies have proven the efficacy to be 75% and higher in properly selected patients.

There are minimal risks to patients. Complication rates are consistently less than 1%. Most percutaneous procedures are performed under local anesthesia. Patients can be discharged the same day and return to an active lifestyle quickly.

Nucleotome percutaneous kits allow physicians to safely extract enough nucleus to sufficiently decompress the disc. This is achieved through a small puncture without removing bone or disturbing the epidural space. With the Nucleotome, you can visualize and quantify the tissue removed.




Bistos America is excited to introduce their latest new improvement to their already impressive BT-410 medical headlamp – a focusing feature! The new top lamp will now focus on the task at hand, giving you even more control over your light. It still pivots and still provides, cool white LED light right where you, it but now, you can focus it – going from a large area to a very small area! When you open your box from Bistos America, here’s what you’ll get.


Zeroing in on your glassware needs.

The most complete tube supplier in the industry is doing more than ever before to meet your replacement needs. In addition to our comprehensive portfolio of CT and X-Ray replacement tubes, we offer an extensive line of Image Intensifiers, High-Voltage Cables, Camera Tubes, and Imaging-Related components. Five additional Dunlee locations provide reliable sales, technical support and customer support.

Innovation, performance, selection and value have made Dunlee one of the world’s leading suppliers of CT replacement tubes. We manufacture replacement tubes for more CT systems than any other company in the industry. Whether it's Philips, GE, Picker, Shimadzu, Siemens, Elscint or Toshiba, Dunlee has the right tube replacement for all popular systems.


Seiler Instrument is a contract manufacturer specializing in high precision machining and optical instrument assembly. In addition, Seiler is a distributor of surveying software and instruments, microscopes, and Zeiss Planetarium equipment. Seiler Instrument consists of 5 main divisions including Manufacturing, Geospatial, Microscopes, and Planetarium. Seiler’s corporate headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri, with additional Geospatial sales offices in Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Omaha, and Chicago.